Giggrabbers - Crowdfund Projects, Find Freelancers, & Visualize Tasks.

How It Works

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Describe, Map Out, & Post Project

Provide a description of your project, upload a picture that represents what you're pursuing, and visually map out the project's tasks using our circle-spoke wheel diagram. If your project doesn't require multiple freelancers, you can post a simple project which is used to hire one freelancer.

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Outsource Tasks to Giggrabbers

After your project is posted, all the tasks become live jobs on our jobs board and our freelancers, namely giggrabbers, will apply and submit proposals to work on each task. Evaluate the proposals and award each task to a giggrabber to begin working. We provide a project room where you can send messages, fund and release payments, and track the progress of each task.

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Crowdfund Your Project

You've mapped out your project and have begun outsourcing tasks to giggrabbers. Creating a project automatically creates a crowdfunding campaign based on your budget range or the amount you award a job for. This is a chance to raise capital to fund your project, so you can share that campaign with your networks to raise funds for each task or the entire project.